5 Unwritten Laws of Golf

We came across this list of the 5 unwritten laws of golf that cover etiquette, integrity and self-control put together by Ryan Barath at GolfWRX.  They have nothing to do with being a good player or a novice. These unwritten rules apply to everyone and will make you a popular golfer. Of course, we could add to the list (such as not blabbing on your cell phone all the time) but these 5 are a good start!
1. Do not walk on a player’s putting line or through line (the line that a fellow playing partner may face later if his/her first putt goes past the hole). Keep in mind that the lines often aren’t exactly straight.
2. When restrictions relax in regards to the flagstick, the first golfer to hole out gets the flagstick IF it has been removed from the cup to return to the hole upon everyone completing it.
3. Pick up and move when taking a BIG number. Do not put everyone else through your misery of having difficulty finishing a hole.
4. Find it — return it. Whether it is a club, head cover or whatever, take it to the pro shop. The only thing you can keep if you find them are golf balls.
5. Play from the tees that best suit the distance you it the ball! If you aren’t playing in a tournament, play from the tees that allow you to play faster and have more fun. Pace of play has a domino effect one everyone so keep it moving.
Here is a rule of thumb and it may hurt your ego a little bit but be honest — take your 5-iron distance and multiply it by 36. That is the yardage you should be playing from. If you are making too many birdies, you can always move back a tee.
This article originally appeared on GolfCoronado.com.

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