6 Great Reasons Why Women Should Play Golf

When it comes to mixing business with pleasure, golf has always been where it’s at.
As 20th century sports writer Grantland Rice once said, “Eighteen holes of match or medal play will teach you more about your foe than will 18 years of dealing with him across a desk.” An estimated 90% of fortune 500 CEOs play golf. According to Barrons, one quarter of the 25 million golfers in the U.S. are top management executives. The one problem is, not enough women are getting in on this great opportunity.

Contrary to popular belief, women have always played golf. The LPGA Tour is older than the PGA Tour. But the problem is the proportion of female players has barely budged since the 1980s, growing by about one percentage point to the 21% to 22% range, according to National Golf Foundation. Rounds played by women have consistently hovered at an even lower proportion of the total, about 17% (women play fewer rounds than men).
What’s keeping you from jumping in? Here are six reasons women should start playing golf now!

1. It helps your career

Golfing is all about networking. Whether it be bonding with new clients or quality one-on-one time with upper management, that time on the course (and potentially drinks after) can be priceless in your career. According to the Barron’s survey, 80% of golfers believe it is an important business development tool.

2. It gets you outside

There is nothing like getting outside during the weekend or in the middle of a beautiful weekday, which is often when business golf outings take place. It gets you out of your office and into that fresh sunshine and air!

3. It counts as exercise

Okay, so you may not break the same sweat as you do in spin class but a good golf game can provide plenty of exercise (you can be walking for up to five hours!). The average golfer is said to burn around 1,500 calories per 18 holes of golf!

4. It is social

Yes, golf can be an opportunity to network professionally, but it can also just be a really fun activity with friends. Even better, the handicapping scoring system allows for players of all abilities to compete together. But if you are all beginners, then why not take a lesson together like Get Golf Ready?!

5. You can do it anywhere

Golfing is a world sport. With 35,000 courses all over the planet, it is not too difficult to find a golf course nearby. This is a great activity to do when conducting business internationally or if you just want to enhance a trip with the family!

6. The fashion is fun

Not that every woman loves fashion, but if they do, then they will probably like picking out golfing apparel. With each passing year, golf apparel for women gets more sophisticated.

PLUS, A Few More…

– Nothing beats the feeling of a well-struck shot
– Find something good in every round played
– A glass of wine at the 19thhole
– Post a score better than the week before
– Create a new identity for yourself
– Foster your patience
– Get away from the stress of life
– Focus on something challenging
– Travel to a new part of the city or state
By Meredith Lepore
This article originally appeared on PGA.com.

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