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A family was granted $5 million after their home was destroyed by golf balls


KINGSTON, Mass. (WCVB) — After golf balls inflicted thousands of dollars in damage to their house in Massachusetts, a family was awarded almost $5 million.

According to the family’s attorney, approximately 700 golf balls have fallen on their property since they moved there in 2017.

“There are 26 windows that need to be replaced. The entire siding of the home has to be replaced,” the family’s attorney, Robert Galvin, noted.

The Tenczar family enjoys the Indian Pond Country Club’s golf course vista, but their attorney claims that the risks are weighing heavily on their minds.

“This was so extremely upsetting to them, and they were so completely powerless to really fix the problem. The problem has to be fixed from the golf course side,” according to Galvin.

Galvin stated that living on the fairway comes with the possibility of damage, but that the club has insurance to cover damage like what the Tenczars’ property has.

According to the family’s attorney, they rejected it because they wanted to keep a significant quantity of golf balls off their land.

Galvin replied, “There’s a lot of damage.”

The Tenczar family was granted $100,000 in damages and $3.5 million in emotional pain by the court in the case. Fees and interest add up to roughly $5 million in total.

The family didn’t try to sell the house because finding a buyer would have been too difficult, according to Galvin.

“It would be impossible to sell the house in that type of situation,” he stated. “The problem had to be solved.”

The golf course’s owner intends to appeal the judge’s verdict.

Meanwhile, they’ve relocated the hole that the Tenczar family lives close to in order to select a location that will result in fewer golf balls striking their home.

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