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A glimpse into a parallel universe was provided by Phil Mickelson’s broadcast appearance


Phil Mickelson’s Sunday afternoon appearance as a guest analyst for LIV Golf was quite instructive. Mickelson demonstrated his broadcasting prowess by dissecting swings, making jokes, and sharing tales. No lesson, though, was more fascinating than our peek at Mickelson’s future in the booth rather than on the Hy Flyers, which is the other reality of golf.

First and foremost, his presence was a graduate-level Tao of Phil course. Possibly golf’s best performer has put on a sporadic series of outstanding on-air appearances, with Sunday being the most recent. We had only recently reminded Phil that he is free to turn it on whenever he wants. His excitement and golf knowledge virtually sprang through the screen as he entered the studio with his trademark swagger and none of the hesitation we’ve witnessed over the past few months.

He abruptly entered the broadcast. Mickelson began dissecting Cam Smith’s swing before Jerry Foltz could officially introduce himself. They were playing partners on Friday.

Mickelson said, “I love watching Cam Smith swing a golf club. “He is my favorite player to watch right now because he is a swinger of the club. He’s not really a hitter. He swings the club with such beautiful rhythm. What I get out of it is if you watch how stable his body stays, his head and everything stays so stable while he swings the club, it’s beautiful to watch. When I have a chance to watch him play, it’s special.”

He carried on in this manner for a while, delivering attention-getting asides about his fitness regimen, the laws of golf, and the finer points of a perfect bunker shot. Even in the fight to get entry for the major tournaments, he managed to stump for his home tour.

“I’ve got to go out there and really get ready because next year we’re going to play 14 events and hopefully…” he paused, knocking on the desk in front of him with a smirk. “…the majors. So I’ve got to be ready to go.”

Both Mickelson’s broadcast companions and the audience undoubtedly laughed. It was difficult not to be enthralled, especially with Phil displaying the personality that months of subdued press conferences and Twitter muteness had us believing had lain dormant.

Phil’s most recent on-screen display provided a window into his psyche.

Mickelson is a phenomenally talented commentator, maybe just as talented as he was when he was a competitor. maybe more talented than he is right now. However, aptitude is not the sole consideration. Phil’s heart is still on the right track, even if it is obvious that his future lies in television.

He said several times throughout his speech, “It’s hard for me to talk about this because I want to be out there.”

But Phil hasn’t received nearly as much courtesy out there. In the team championship round of LIV Golf on Friday, he fell to Smith after a spirited battle; it was the last whimper of a tumultuous, discouraging 2022 season. In the first season of LIV, Mickelson participated in all eight events, and his performance at the team championships may have been his best on-course effort.

Even if they were subtle, his troubles on the course in 2022 were numerous. Both the U.S. Open and the Open Championship had missed cuts. There were several LIV events with bottom-15 finishes.

What Phil’s golfing future holds is unknown. He is currently 52 years old, 18 months after his unexpected PGA Championship triumph at Kiawah Island. He will probably be required to compete for at least a few more years under the terms of his $200 million deal with LIV Golf, but beyond that, nothing is definite. Will he become a more significant LIV franchise owner? Will he start his health and wellness company right away? Will he pursue course design as a creative outlet? He could decide to use his skills to enter the radio booth. Even if he only has one possible employer left, at least for the time being, it won’t be difficult for him to find work.

The most important lesson from Phil’s Sunday performance in the booth was that we will never know what this possible future may have looked like. When mainstream golf lost Phil, it lost him as a player as well as his potential as a pundit, performer, and personality. When Phil first started calling big tournaments, he was expected to make millions of dollars and achieve a degree of fame unmatched by any other golf commentator in the history of the sport. Now, Phil’s future is far less assured and largely dependent on LIV’s performance.

On Sunday, we saw another peek of Phil in the booth for the first time in more than two years. This performance could have been a preview of Phil’s next act, or it might have been nothing more than that. Up till we meet him again, we won’t know. It’s likely that he is unaware as well.

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