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A Well-Traveled Pro Says These Are The 2 Best Cities for Golfers

The 2 Best Cities for Golfers

Lucas Herbert is a well-traveled golfer. The Australian pro started playing on the European Tour in 2018, won his first tournament in 2020 (Omega Dubai Desert Classic) and his second in 2021 (Irish Open).

He earned his PGA Tour card for the first time this season and wasted no time putting it to good use, winning the Butterfield Bermuda Championship last month in what was just his third start of the year.

The 25-year-old Aussie was last week’s guest on GOLF’s Subpar Podcast, and he spoke at length about grinding as a pro, his breakthrough PGA Tour win and what it’s been like traveling the world as a pro golfer. As one would guess, he’s seen a lot. Subpar co-host Drew Stoltz asked him to name the most fun or best spot in the world in which he’s played golf.

“The two that I love the most that are probably tied are Prague in the Czech Republic,” he said. “I think that’s a really cool city on the river. Really old as well. So like an old-town vibe where they’ll shut the streets down where you can’t drive through and all the restaurants kind of spill out on the streets. It’s amazing.

“And Queenstown in New Zealand,” he continued. “It’s kind of similar to like the Banff area in Canada, very similar to that kind of feel. Obviously we play there in the summer but through the winter it’s all the ski slopes and whatnot. So the New Zealand Open every year is in Queenstown, and every year I can play it I do and we just get a house with my family and a bunch of friends come over. Probably the best burger place in the world is in Queenstown as well, so like every night we are on the phone with them ordering like 15 burgers … It’s just a fun week.”

This article originally appeared on Golf.com.

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