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Backyard Chipping 101 | The 5 Ball Bucket Drill


When it comes to our golf game, we tend to come up with all the excuses in the world as to why we just aren’t getting better. We blame our clubs, the way the course cut the grass, and even that ham sandwich on the way to the course that tasted a little off. You can also forget paying for lessons. We find ways to convince ourselves that is much more beneficial to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new club rather than spend a couple Saturdays a month getting a few pointers from the pro at your local range.
Well it is time to pack away those excuses my friends as we bring you this special (and FREE!) lesson series just for ClickitGolf members. Our resident pro, Aaron Olson, is a a member of the top 100 Golf Digest Teachers in California and is here to help lower your score without splurging on new equipment or lessons. The best part is…you can do this drill right your own backyard with items you already have laying around the house.
For our first lesson, all you need is your wedge, a bucket, and five golf balls to get you chipping like a pro. Check out our video below to get started:

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