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Backyard Chipping 101

Backyard Chipping 101

Club selection once you’re off the tee in golf is all about distances. Nine times out of 10 moving one iron up or down is all that’s required to put you in a position to make the shot you need to make. The exception to that is those few instances where it’s not only about the club but also about how much energy you swing through the ball with using it.

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That’s the long and short of the chip. It’s one of the more challenging golf swings to do well consistently. For most golfers, improving your chipping is hands down one of the simplest ways to lower your score and build your confidence. First, you need to understand what a chip shot is: It’s a short game stroke where the ball carries into the air and then rolls an equal distance (or a slightly longer distance) than it carries.

Like anything, it’s especially difficult for beginners. There’s no debating that it is infuriating to get greenside with a chance to get up and down for par only to skull one over the back of the green. Or worse yet the dreaded chunk….Remember, it’s important to understand that it certainly will still be infuriating once you’re a single digit handicapper, but with practice it will happen far less often if at all.

Let’s focus on getting you off on the right foot with a solid base and sound technique. This will ensure that you don’t end up furious very often and enjoy being on the course more. Lets be honest, good shots lead to good scores. That is what keeps bringing us back!

Check out the video below for the 5 ball bucket drill:

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