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Brady’s Personalized Golf Balls, Humble Brag or Major Flex?

Tom Brady Humble Brag

Tom Brady has the most Super Bowl wins in history. With his incredible record, it’s widely understood that he is the most successful football player of all time. To his fans, he is a god and worthy of his GOAT status. It’s fair to say that he’s well-earned his bragging rights.
On the course, Tom Brady has shown that he can hold his own around the pros for the most part as we saw in 2020 during “The Match”. His obvious natural talent was on full display when he managed to effortlessly hole fairway shot on the 7th hole for birdie.

During that same round, we also saw a more relatable side of Tom as he had a tough stretch early in the match and even became the butt of a few jokes on Twitter. He was playing with two of the greatest golfers in the game after all – stakes were high. Who wouldn’t experience some early round jitters, especially with $10 million on the line? We are sure he is getting his practice in to prepare for another big matchup on July 6th where he will again partner with Phil Mickelson to face-off against Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers.
Just last week it looks like the GOAT may still have some work to do as a fellow golfer found a lost ball that is undeniably Brady:

A group of golfers playing behind Tom came across the abandoned ball from a clearly errant shot and it didn’t take long for them to realize what they had just stumbled across. The number 12 emblazoned under the Titleist logo was a small hint until you flip it around to reveal the seven super bowl championships listed on the other side, making for a major flex.
You can bet that Brady’s opponents are feeling the pressure when he tees off with one of those bad boys. Talk about living rent free in your buddy’s head for the entire round.
Zire Golf reposted the Tweet on Instagram and it wasn’t long before it caught the attention of Tom Brady himself who reacted to the find:

The ball and Brady’s response just goes to show that even the pros have a bad game every once in awhile and are prone to losing a few balls. Then of course, if you play with personalized balls, it makes it hard to deny a terrible lie belongs to you. If this were anyone else’s ball, one would likely enjoy at good laugh at the misfortunes of a fellow golfer rather than displaying it proudly on their shelf, where they can tell all of their friends about that one time they played behind the greatest quarterback of all time.

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