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Bubba Watson Gets Unfortunate Title After Secret Poll

Bubba Watson Most Disliked in Poll

Bubba Watson is a golfer who is one of the most underestimated players on the PGA Tour. In his short professional career, the golfer has won 12 tournaments on the PGA Tour and two major championships in the United States.

While Bubba’s supporters acknowledge his exceptional talent and abilities, the vast majority of them acknowledge his faults. Despite his abilities and talent, he has underperformed as a golfer during his professional career. It’s been a long time since he’s claimed a victory on the PGA Tour, having only done so once this season.

While Bubba Watson has earned a reputation as one of the most difficult golfers to work with, we got a peek of that during the 2013 Travelers Championship, which took place in the Bahamas. While ESPN performed a covert poll of around 103 tour pros, they were unable to obtain any data from the participants.

Bubba Watson gets most votes in a secret survey 

When ESPN conducted the secret survey, one question was if a player is in a fight in the parking lot and you’re not helping him. Which is that player? And surprisingly, the two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson stood out from the rest of his mates. Bubba got around 23 pros who said his name. 

Moreover, the next golfer was Patrick Reed with 11%, Rory Sabbatini with 9%, and Allenby at 9%. But surprisingly, Bubba Watson topped the list. When asked about this in a press conference, the left-handed golfer replied that he probably needs to improve as a man.

“I take it as I need to improve as a man. And I take it with pride. I need to get better, and I think over my career, since my rookie season to now, I’ve got better. But obviously, there’s more room for me to improve as a man,” said Bubba. Furthermore, he said he hopes to improve the year or year after it. “So if it’s a bad thing and people don’t like me, then I’ve got to improve and prove them wrong.”

Looks like Bubba is taking it all in stride.

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