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Cameron Smith’s *SECRET* To His Mesmerizing Putting Stroke

Now that Cameron Smith’s victory at the 2022 Open Championship has been thoroughly settled, it’s time to analyze the most crucial question concerning his legendary putting display. What can I learn about putting from Cameron Smith to improve my game on the greens? We break down a few intriguing things Cam Smith does to help him perform so well when it comes to him. Smith claims to pay close attention to his setup position and spends about “20 minutes” per day making sure everything is in place. Additionally, before he makes his putt, he will heavily rely on intense visualization rather than practice strokes. The real key, though? ensuring that his backstroke is shorter than his follow-through. Although it goes against what most of us have been taught, Cam Smith’s putting coach Grant Field has worked hard to develop it in the past, and there’s a good reason for it, according to Reed: “If you hit a stable piece of mass, like a golf ball, that actually takes speed off your putter, and therefore creates a shorter follow through,” Howard says. “If you’re trying to speed up your putter through the ball, you need to compensate with the muscles in your arms and wrists. There’s no manipulation of the putter in [Cameron Smith]’s putting stroke, he’s just using gravity to let the putter hit the ball.” Original article posted on Golf.com Photo Credit: skysports.com
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