2021 Top Golf Ball Reviews

2021 Buyer’s Guide: Top Golf Ball Reviews

Last year, we delivered full reviews of the latest golf clubs to hit the market in ClubTest 2021. Now, we’re turning our attention to golf balls. For...
21 of the Best Equipment Finds in Golf

21 of the Best Pro Equipment in Golf This Year

Golf is a unique sport because amateurs and professionals play essentially the same game on similar golf courses under the same rules. And we...
Best Golf Stocking Stuffers in History

5 of the BEST (OR Worst) Golf Stocking Stuffers in History…You Decide

The holidays are rapidly approaching, so hopefully you've crossed most of the people off your shopping list. With the presents wrapped and waiting to...
Time to replace your wedges

When You Should Consider Changing Your Wedges

Have you noticed that your wedges aren’t performing as well as they used to? Perhaps you’re seeing your shots start going higher than expected....
Bears on the course

Eagles, Birdies and…Bears?

This week has been full of news of bears taking over courses to the amusement of the onlooking golfers who made sure to keep...

2021 Buyer’s Guide: The Top 10 Value Golf Balls For Distance & Feel

Your golf ball plays a massive role in helping you shoot your lowest scores.    If the ball is too firm, you won’t get enough spin...

What Your Golf Clubs Say About You

Whether you know it or not, your golf bag and clubs speak volumes about you as a player.   After playing for 20 plus years, I...
Rangefinder for Shaky Hands

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