5 Ways to Get Better Sleep to Improve Your Game According to an Expert

It’s probably safe to say that we could all use a little more sleep. Too many of us have pulled an all-night rager before...
Here's How to Stop Self Sabotage

Here’s How to Stop Sabotaging Your Golf Game

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy out on the course. Chances are you are doing something that sabotages your game. Don't worry,...
Swing Tip

SWING TIP SUNDAY… Swing Sequence

Let’s be honest. As golfers we are ALWAYS looking for ways to add more distance to our game.  Whether it’s an extra 20 yards...

How to improve your chipping around the greens with this weird little trick

lthough it may seem contradictory, most pitch shots require you to bottom out slightly before making contact with the ball, allowing the wedge to bounce and the club to slide underneath the ball, resulting in a soft stroke...

How To Never Slice Again Using This One Drill

Perhaps the most frequent error made by high handicappers is a slice. The path of a slice resembles that of a banana, and it also has very little strength, as opposed to a ball flight that is towering and explosive. High handicappers are all too familiar with this situation, and they have no idea how to change it...
The One Thing Every Great Putter Had in Common

The One Thing Every Great Putter Has in Common

It’s quite amazing that the simple art of rolling a golf ball, slowly and often for a distance of just a few feet, can...
How to Lower Your Handicap by 5 Strokes

How to Lower Your Handicap by 5 Strokes

Improvement in golf can be tough to come by. One day, you’re hitting the ball better than ever, and the next you feel like you...
High-Handicapper? Drop This Club Now

If You’re a High-Handicapper Drop This Club Now

A myriad of club options can make the buying process daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the different models and don’t know where to start when...
Bomber's Golf Swing Reveals Surprising Secret

Video of Legendary Bomber’s Golf Swing Reveals Surprising Secret

In terms of pure distance, Jamie Sadlowski is probably the best pound-for-pound driver of the ball in golf history. If that feels like a bold...
A Strong, Neutral & Weak Golf Grip

The Difference Between A Strong, Neutral & Weak Grip

Have you ever been told to “strengthen your grip?” Maybe someone has told you that “your grip is too strong” and no, they aren’t...
Rangefinder for Shaky Hands

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