How To Never Slice Again Using This One Drill

Perhaps the most frequent error made by high handicappers is a slice. The path of a slice resembles that of a banana, and it also has very little strength, as opposed to a ball flight that is towering and explosive. High handicappers are all too familiar with this situation, and they have no idea how to change it...
How to Lower Your Handicap by 5 Strokes

How to Lower Your Handicap by 5 Strokes

Improvement in golf can be tough to come by. One day, you’re hitting the ball better than ever, and the next you feel like you...
5 Tips for All Golfers

A long time resort looper shares his top 5 tips for all golfers

I've been a caddie for nearly 20 years, with stints at some of the world’s best resorts. Although I’m not big on soapboxing, a lot...
Putting Tip "Lower Body Stability"

Putting Tip “Lower Body Stability” | Easy Ways to Practice at Home

Christmas isn't quite over yet because our resident golf pro, Aaron Olson is back for another free swing tip just for you! This week’s...
Avoid Ruining Your Round with These 5 Tips

Avoid Ruining Your Round with These 5 Tips

Congrats, you got much better at golf in 2021! But now it’s time to take your game one step further this offseason. That’s right,...
Learn How to 'Trust' Your Wedges

Advice From the Pros: Learn How to ‘Trust’ Your Wedges

Bounce isn’t just the thing that your golf ball does after it lands. It’s a piece of technology on every one of your wedges...
Langer's 5 Tips for Older Golfers

Bernhard Langer Gives HIs 5 Tips for Older Golfers

When the sun sets over Bernhard Langer’s incredible career (if it ever does), his legacy won’t be his two Masters wins, or his 11...
Using a Shovel to Practice Your Swing

How Practicing with a Shovel Can Help Your Swing

With winter snow sweeping through a large portion of the country, and the holidays coming up everywhere, you probably don’t have all that many...

How to improve your chipping around the greens with this weird little trick

lthough it may seem contradictory, most pitch shots require you to bottom out slightly before making contact with the ball, allowing the wedge to bounce and the club to slide underneath the ball, resulting in a soft stroke...

Denny McCarthy’s 5 Putting Secrets That Keep Him At The Top Of His Game

McCarthy will compete in the Wells Fargo Championship this week at TPC Potomac at Avenel, which is only 14 miles from his hometown of Takoma Park, Maryland. met up with the 29-year-old while he was prepping for the event to learn more about his putter, his greens attitude, how he prepares, and why amateur players struggle with putting...
Rangefinder for Shaky Hands

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