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Champions Tour Pro Runs Out of Balls at Event

Champions Tour Pro Runs Out of Balls at Event

Every golfer has a horror story to tell. Whether it’s the time you shot a ridiculously low score on a single hole or the time you forgot to bring a club out for your round, everyone has that one moment that sticks out for all the wrong reasons.

It happens to the best of us, including some of the best in the world, with PGA Champions Tour player Rick Garboski having a bad day at the Haog Classic when he discovered he was out of golf balls after only four holes!

Mark Calcavecchia, a 13-time PGA Tour champion and former Champion Golfer of the Year, revealed Garboski’s terrible experience in a tweet: “Saw something today that was an all time 1st in 41 years of pro golf. Rick Groboski ran out of balls. Only had 3. Thought he had 6. Anyways after 2 balls in the drink on 4 had to borrow a ball. 2 shot penalty. Then had to drop back a group to wait for locker room guy to bring some out.”

Yes, Garboski ran out of golf balls and had to wait for someone to provide more!

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