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Did Bryson Really Consider Quitting Golf?

Did Bryson Really Consider Quitting Golf?

Bryson DeChambeau has made quite an impression in the golf world ever since his debut back in 2016. It’s only been five years since he’s turned pro. He’s been known to push boundaries, experiment with his game and test the traditional rules of golf. It’s how he got his nickname of “The Mad Scientist”. Then there was his feud with Brooks Koepka, his refusal to get vaccinated, and the controversy surrounding comments he made regarding his driver which provided by his own sponsor. Some might say it’s been a rough couple years.

Turns out that the pressure started getting to DeChambeau and he was so close to his breaking point, that he almost walked away from the spot altogether.

“There was a point in time — I’m not kidding — where I just felt like I wanted to leave the game,” DeChambeau said. “I just felt like, ‘I don’t need any of this. Why? Why put myself through all this torture?’”

Over the last year, DeChambeau had formed an interesting rivalry with Brooks Koepka. The 28-year-old DeChambeau also criticized his Cobra equipment following the first round of the British Open. 

DeChambeau also bashed a rules official at the 2020 Memorial, and he fieled criticism after he failed to get vaccinated and ended up missing the Olympics due to a positive COVID-19 test.

“I got hit pretty hard,” DeChambeau said. “That’s why I kind of walked away, because people were damaging [my] character. It was all the stuff that was going on in social media. I was like, ‘I really don’t need this. I can walk away and be totally fine the rest of my life, be happy and go and hit the long ball and call it a day.’”

DeChambeau, who is ranked seventh in the world, has eight PGA Tour wins and a U.S. Open Championship and he’s earned almost $26 million over his career. And even though he considered quitting golf at one point, DeChambeau appears to be motivated.

“I want to win Augusta, all the majors, have the career Grand Slam and continue to win events,” DeChambeau said. “I’ve won Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus’ event, and that’s pretty cool. I want to eventually win [Tiger Woods’ Genesis Invitational], and have all three of those. That’d be cool.”

This article originally appeared on Fox News.

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