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FORE! Shattered Windshields at Torrey Have Employees Ducking for Cover

Shattered Windshields at Torrey

Forget about golf courses becoming obsolete as a result of the distances at which the pros are hitting the ball; the practice ranges they use to warm up are already obsolete.

Recent months have seen us detail the lengths to which courses have gone in order to keep the pros out. The course hosting next week’s Saudi International went so far as to send out a press release announcing that they had increased their range of balls. Torrey Pines did not engage in a similar public relations campaign this week, but it may have been prudent to have done so.

Similar to the U.S. Open last year, tournament officials erected mesh fencing in front of the hitting areas on Torrey Pines’ two-sided range to prevent balls from rolling onto tees and into players on the opposite end. Despite this, whispers could be heard from the ground about windshields in the caddie parking lot being shattered and volunteers ducking for cover underneath a metal utility shed.

‘It’s not a Bryson phenomenon,’ says the author.

As much as this story screamed out “Bryson DeChambeau,” Farmers Insurance Open Executive Director Marty Gorsich was adamant that the long-hitting DeChambeau was not the sole perpetrator despite being a convenient target for the media.

According to Tod Leonard of GolfDigest.com, based in San Diego, recreational golfers occasionally breach the fencing, so it’s no surprise that balls were flying out of the range and into adjacent parking lots and even nearby golf holes with the pros in town, according to Leonard. Gorsich stated that the Tour has been in contact with the city “about how it might address the issue in the future,” according to him.

“The range is out of date,” a seasoned caddie observed. It was just the other day that we were getting pelted with balls.”

What about the damage that was done during tournament week? The Century Club of San Diego, which organizes the event, will cover the costs of repairs, most likely with some assistance from the presenting sponsor, which could film its next commercial in the caddie parking lot……

“WE. ARE. FARMERS. *crash, smack, crack*”

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