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Hilarious Golf Fails & Golfing Bloopers 2021

Golf Fails & Golfing Bloopers 2021

In the insane year that was 2021, all we can do is sit back and laugh. Probably because the other alternative is to cry and who wants to do that? Instead, we’ve decided to give you a little something to help cheer you up.


Bloopers are often the most hilarious part of any TV show or movie, but bloopers including our favorite sport? It gets even better. Especially when they’re epic failures in some circumstances. We’ve gathered the most hilarious, how-did-that-even-happen golf bloopers we could locate.

Everyone makes mistakes, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Some are more substantial than others. On the plus side, the greater the blooper, the more amusing it is for onlookers! Whether these bloopers occurred as a result of bad luck, bad decisions, or both, we always find them entertaining. At the very least, they can (most of the time) laugh at themselves!

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