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How far are you really allowed to move your ball marker?


A golfer asked another player to relocate his ball marker one club length since it was in his line as he was putting from the fairway onto the green. Is that legal coming from off the green? Is there a distance requirement for moving markers? — Paul Ivonye, Houston, Texas

Yes, Paul, it is legal. The player may request that a ball marking be relocated if it could obstruct their ability to make a stroke from any location on the course.

The sole requirements for relocating a ball marker are that it be measured from its original point and that the lifted ball is ultimately put there. This is in accordance with Rule 15.3. We guarantee that response to be accurate.

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ball marking on the green…

I position the ball with my putter rather than my hand for reasons that are not worth going into here. If my marker stays properly behind the golf ball, is this acceptable? — Jim Palmer, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Golf’s capacity to surprise our rules guy is one of his favorite aspects, and even though Jim Palmer, the baseball player, was known for his heater, we’re going to throw you a curve.

Before doing our research, we would have stated that this is okay since, on the putting green, who could give a flying fig how one handles their ball? And up to the year 2019 we would have been right, but circumstances have changed.

Although the rules of golf now refer to what you’re doing as replacing the ball rather than aligning it, a ball must still be replaced by hand.

Even from the right place, if you played the ball spun by your putter rather than by hand, you would get a penalty stroke for replacing the ball incorrectly in accordance with Rule 14.2b (2). One strike!

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