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How to easily fix one of the most common golf swing flaws out there

People of all shapes, sizes, ages, and from all over the world play golf. It’s rare to get two swings that look even a little bit alike.

And yet, as if by some terrible miracle, a lot of them make the same golf swing mistake: they come over the top.

There are many reasons why golfers come over the top, like turning too early at the start of their downswing or not tilting their shoulders enough. The fact is, though, that a lot of golfers get into trouble this way. Pair coming over the top with an open clubface and you’ll get a slice. Overcorrect and you’ll get stuck and flippy with your hands, which is the bad cousin of coming over the top.

But don’t worry, because this week, a well known golf teacher by the name of Scott Hamilton posted a simple drill on Instagram that he said is one of his “favorite” and “best” ways to shallow the club and keep the clubface stable. And to do it, you need only one arm!

First, set up your usual golf gear.

Then take your right arm off the cub and hold your left shoulder.

Start making swings.

Hamilton says that this drill is best done with a lighter club than usual. In this picture, his student is using a junior club. Using a club that is too heavy could hurt your technique or even cause you to get hurt. But as you swing, you’ll feel the weight of the club more, which will help you get the cube into a good spot.

“This drill is the best way I have found to use the weight of the club to learn how to shallow and deliver a stable face,” he writes.

You can watch the whole video below.

Original article and photo posted on Golf.com

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