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How to improve your chipping around the greens with this weird little trick

Although it may seem contradictory, most pitch shots require you to bottom out slightly before making contact with the ball, allowing the wedge to bounce and the club to slide underneath the ball, resulting in a soft stroke.

The “slide zone,” which is two inches behind and two inches in front of the ball and where the clubhead grazes the turf before and after striking the ball, is what I call it.

Place a coin beneath the ball at address to get a feel for it. Set up as usual, but instead of concentrating on striking the ball, aim to clip the coin before it hits the ground. You’ll intuitively swing lower and shallower for greater contact because the coin is low on the ground.

It’s an excellent drill for individuals who have a tendency to lift their arms and hit a number of skulled strokes. Because you must allow the club to land and release or slide through the ball, it’s a terrific practice for players who hit a lot of skulled shots. It only takes a few practice shots with a coin to break the habit.

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Image Credits: Stephen Denton

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