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How To Never Slice Again Using This One Drill

Perhaps the most frequent error made by high handicappers is a slice. The path of a slice resembles that of a banana, and it also has very little strength, as opposed to a ball flight that is towering and explosive. High handicappers are all too familiar with this situation, and they have no idea how to change it.

Understanding why the ball slices is the first step in fixing the problem. A slice typically occurs as a result of an open clubface in relation to the club route. Higher handicappers (above 15) open their clubface between three and five degrees in relation to the route during the downswing, according to statistics from GOLFTEC. The outcome is the banana slice as discussed before.

There is hope, which is great news.

According to Plecker, “if you slice, your lead arm is pulling through impact, and your trail arm is not pushing enough,  When you pull on the grip end towards the downswing, it has the effect of opening the clubface.”

You must exert additional force with your trail arm during your downswing to counter this.

When you’re on the range, take an alignment rod and bury it in the dirt. Next to it, assume a swinging position and begin to downswing. Push your palm into the top of the ground-positioned alignment stick while you are doing that.

“Go into your impact position, and you’ll get the sense of using that trail arm to push into the ground,” he explains.

Try to replicate this feeling by moving over to a golf ball and pushing your trail arm through during the downswing.

“This motion will balance out your slice, it’ll help you hit straighter shots and will put some power in the release of your golf swing,” he says.

Try it the next time you’re at the range, and your shot will undoubtedly become straighter than ever.

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