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‘If you want to play a fair game, don’t choose golf,’ urges pro advocating against divot relief.


You’ve almost certainly been in one. Despite the fact that it is most likely due to no fault of your own. After all, that divot your ball originally sat in was dug out by someone else unless you played the course earlier that day.

You may argue that this is unjust, and an 11-time Ryder Cup champion will not disagree. But it’ll take a plea for rule relief to get Lee Westwood to log on to Twitter.

“No,” the former world No. 1 wrote.  “If you want to play a game that’s fair, don’t choose golf. The variables make it interesting.”

Technically, the rules do not allow for a drop if your ball gets stuck in a divot; you must play it as is. However, the discussion continues, and Golf Monthly recently stoked the fires by asking on Twitter, “Is this the most controversial Rule in golf?”

Westwood was the first to leap in. Others did as well. And the Englishman stood firm in his opinion.

“If it’s an unfilled divot then I feel you should get relief,” Michael Delling wrote. “you are no longer playing the same course if somebody has taken a chunk out of it and not filled it in.”

“How deep must the divot be to get relief?” Westwood responded.

 “Interesting. There’s variables and bad breaks etc. And then there is hitting a drive down the middle of the fairway and ending up in a divot.”

“But when you top one and it runs through a bunker and onto the green do you say “ that was a lucky break, I’ll play that one again because that shot didn’t deserve that result”?” Westwood responded.

Another Twitter user mentioned an instance at this year’s Players Championship, in which Paul Casey’s ball landed in the pitch mark of another player. Casey would have been given relief if the ball had plugged in its own mark.

“Quite surprising and interesting to hear a pros view Westy, understand and love the harsh variables like undulations and weather bring but surely a divot in the middle of the fairway just penalises unnecessarily? Remembering Paul Casey a few months ago it cost him the tournament.” Wrote Carl Lewis.

“Tough,” Westwood said. ” You get good breaks and terrible breaks. You know that the Princess is not always rescued by the handsome Prince. “Sometimes the witch kills her!”
 “Ouch does Casey know you call him Princess,” Lewis wrote.  I really can see both sides of the argument and great to hear an actual golfers view not just us hopefuls have a great season Ledge” 

“I call him worse than that!” Westwood retorted.

In response to another inquiry, Westwood stated that the “water in bunkers rule” would be changed, but he did not elaborate. Meanwhile, another Twitter user expressed frustration rather than asking a question.

“Piss off Lee, you’re only saying that because your half decent. I’m duffing the life out of them.”

“At least you have an excuse,” Westwood replied.

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