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Kordas’ coach: Any golf swing may be improved by following these 4 “simple” guidelines

One of the top track records in the game is held by Jamie Mulligan. He has guided Patrick Cantlay’s and Luke List’s ascents from junior golf to the PGA Tour, with Cantlay winning the FedEx Cup in 2021.

Then, in the latter half of 2021, Mulligan received a call from Jessica and Nelly Korda, two of the LPGA Tour’s top swingers and players. How do you start developing such a strong group of players?

Mulligan’s system also has lessons for you. Here are four ways his teaching style can drastically improve your game:

  1. The simpler, the better

Coach Mulligan’s strategy can best be summed up in one word: “simple.” He claims that learning to reduce unnecessary movement is the key to turning a great swing into a fantastic one or a poor swing into a good one.

“If anything, their golf swings get simpler over time,” he has said of the Kordas. “They make the right movements at the right time, and they do the same things over and over again.”

  1. Begin your swing the right way.

Mulligan adds that starting your swing on the appropriate foot is a crucial element of a solid swing. This entails ensuring that the fundamentals of your ball position, grip, and posture are in a position that will enable your swing to be successful. The most crucial component of your swing is your posture, which will enable your body to propel the club during the takeout and downswing.

Mulligan compliments Jess Korda’s swing, saying, “Her posture is beautiful.” The movement of the club on the takeout, or what I refer to as a “loaded takeaway,” is made possible by this.

  1. Body guides the hands

Mulligan prefers to view the hands as a tool that can assist you square the clubface, in contrast to many instructors who aim to remove the hands from the swing.

“I always liked the phrase your hands are angels not devils,” he replied. “But they should follow the movement of your body.”

Mulligan thinks you should do that by mastering the order of your transition: shift to your front foot, then rotate through. He frequently does a technique with his students to aid in this where he places the grip end of the club on the lead hip of the player and pushes them towards the direction of their front foot as they start their downswing.

  1. “Shots to spots”

Patrick Cantlay, one of Mulligan’s longstanding students, is praised for something other than his swing when Mulligan speaks highly of him.

“His mentality, even as a junior golfer, was always so impressive,” he said. “He was always wise beyond his years.”

How can you develop an attitude like that? According to Mulligan, you should treat golf similarly to a game of chess: When you hit your ball out of place, concentrate on getting back into position safely before moving on. It’s about minimizing errors and, as before, keeping things straightforward.

Mulligan describes it as “shots to spots.” “Golf is what that is.”

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