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Longtime Tour Pro Guilty of Rookie Mistake

Longtime Tour Pro Guilty of Rookie Mistake

Lee Westwood has been a tour pro for nearly three decades, but he still managed to make a rookie mistake on at a recent Tour event.

The 25-time European Tour winner has been a longtime proponent of white pants on the golf course as well. And while opinions may vary on such a move, there’s one logical rule regarding them that everyone can agree on: Wearing white pants in wet conditions is a bad choice. A very bad choice.

And yet, Westwood somehow found himself in that scenario ahead of a weather-delayed first round at the Houston Open. And he shared this funny video of him warming up on Memorial Park’s muddy range:

Hitting balls in the slop is never good for your clothes, but anything white is as good as gone. So while those white pants might look sharp, you’re really playing with fire when you put them in play. Hopefully, Lee didn’t forget to put a pair of rain pants in his bag or it might be a long day.

This article originally appeared on Golf Digest.

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