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Man Dies After Golf Cart Sinks in Canal

Man Dies After Golf Cart Sinks in Canal

A man was discovered dead in a caged golf cart in a canal at a golf course in Indio, California, on Monday. The golf cart was submerged and caged in water.

According to Cal Fire, a maintenance vehicle was submerged on its side in a canal on the grounds of the Terra Lago golf course when the incident occurred. The cart was removed from the scene by a technical rescue team that arrived around 3 p.m. Upon removing the vehicle from the scene, firefighters discovered that the driver was already dead. The exact cause of death was not disclosed.

“This person was an employee of the Terra Lago golf course. As he was travelling he seems to have some sort accident that led to land him in the Coachella Canal,” Indio Police Department public information officer Ben Guitron told SFGATE over the phone. “Further investigation from the coroner will determine whether the accident or the water was the cause of death.”

Caged golf carts are used to protect golf club staff from balls. The name of the victim was not yet released.

The incident occurred across town from three golf clubs that are hosting the PGA Tour’s 2022 American Express tournament, which starts this week. 

The Indio Police Department and the Riverside County Coroner are investigating the incident. 

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