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Nerves get the best of this Pro at Sanderson Farms


He fist-pumped. A good two seconds were spent holding it, too.

Emiliano Grillo had forfeited his chance to compete in the Sanderson Farms Championship, but he hadn’t lost his sense of humor.

On the Golf Channel broadcast, commentator Jim Gallagher Jr. commented, “I’m speechless.”

Announcer Steve Sands said, “Yikes.”

“Oh, man. You feel for him,” Gallagher said.

Indeed. All of that. In one hole during Sunday’s final round at the Country Club of Jackson, Grillo went from sharing the lead on the back nine to falling five strokes behind. He was destroyed by four strokes from 86 yards out on the second-easiest hole of the week.

Shot number one and third overall. Grillo fired a drive into the right rough and a second shot down the right side, both in the sticky Bermuda, while standing on the tee of the 590-yard, par-5 14th hole and tied for the lead with four other players. Grillo put his ball 84 feet from the hole, upslope and in the right greenside bunker. He had slightly overhit it. About this time, Mackenzie Hughes, the eventual victor, also began to draw away from the competition by a shot.

On the broadcast, commentator Curt Byrum criticized Grillo, saying, “He mishit it.”

Second attempt, fourth overall. Grillo was only able to pop his ball out of the bunker upslope with his ball plugged, left leg on the grass above the bunker, and right leg on the sand. His face was slammed with sand. He moved backward. His ball slowly emerged and slid off the green and down the hill to the right.

Before the swing, Gallagher stated on the broadcast, “Ooh, boy, look at that lie.”

Third attempt, sixth overall. Grillo took four practice swings at the lie from 76 feet out.

In the broadcast, Byrum added, “This is pretty straightforward.  Looks like the lie is really good. He’s got enough green to work with there that if he hits this the way he wants to, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Bogey or double bogey here may prevent him from winning the tournament, according to Sands. Must exercise caution with this one.

Grillo hit a low dart that bounced off the green and across it.

Byrum commented on the broadcast, “Wow.”

“We don’t see that very often,” Sands said.

Byrum said, “You talk about the nerves starting to kick in, 100% right there.”

Fourth attempt, sixth overall. Grillo pitched short from 42 feet away, now behind and to the left of the green.

On the broadcast, Sands stated, “That is scary.”

Fifth attempt, eighth overall. Grillo made a putt from 23 feet away on the edge.

On the broadcast, Sands said, “That is not a mistake at the top of your screen.  Yes, this is for seven.”

“Not done yet,” Byrum said.

Sands said, “No, he’s not.

Grillo’s ball landed six feet over the right side of the hole.

Eighth place overall and six shots. Eight triple-bogeys in. Grillo, who played in a two-hole playoff with Hughes and Sepp Straka, ended fourth, notable, four strokes down.

Grillo continued to fist-pump. Held it for a good two seconds, too.

Original article posted on Golf.com

Photo credit: Golf Channel

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