Paige Spiranac Scores an Ace & a Hug

Paige Spiranac Scores an Ace and a Hug From Gary Player

Making an ace has to be one of the best feelings ever. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to accomplish such a feat, you know how high you ride that wave of pure joy. It would have to be right up there with meeting one of your favorite Golf Hall of Famers.

Well Paige Spiranac got to do both earlier this week. Not only did she get a hole-in-one, but she sunk the shot in front of the legendary Gary Player. Talk about staying cool under pressure.

Paige was participating in a charity event to bring attention to Pancreatic cancer research at the Glen Arbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills, New, York. The shot was off the 14th tee with 148-yards to the pin. The subject hits close to home for Gary Player. He sadly lost his wife to pancreatic cancer in August.

Paige Spiranac has a huge following on social media and previously played professionally.

She nonchalantly tweeted a small brag after the impressive shot and said, “Made a hole in one in front of Gary Player.”

After letting that sink in for a few hours, Spiranac came back to show off the video footage just in case you didn’t believe her.

The crowd joined in celebration after watching the ball disappear into the hole. Spiranac’s reaction was priceless: “Oh my God,” she said. “Did you get that?”

We hear Gary Player talking strategy with his caddie while Paige is teeing off. Suddenly someone cheers, “Go in…GO IN!”

In the video, Player is heard discussing his club choice with his caddie as the ball is in the air. Someone says, “Go in…GO IN!”

It did and it led to an eruption of cheers and the aforementioned hug from The Black Knight. As for Spiranac’s reaction: “Oh my God,” she said. “Did you get that?”

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