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The private charter jet for LIV Golf’s players and caddies sure does look like a crazy ride

Wait till you see how LIV golfers travel if the guaranteed prize money didn’t seem like sufficient compensation.

Imagine the travel habits of a mini-tour player: low-cost flights, lengthy drives, and rushing to reach tee times. Now picture the complete opposite: an all-inclusive private jet with a fully-stocked bar and hopefully no worries about stray luggage.

Pat Perez singing along to “We Are the Champions” with Brooks Koepka in the foreground.

With Brooks Koepka in the background, Pat Perez can be heard singing along to “We Are the Champions.”

Prior to being taken down Thursday afternoon, a video featuring recent LIV signee Pat Perez went viral on TikTok and Twitter.

At the Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in Oregon, Perez recently participated in the second LIV competition, but it wasn’t his first visit. He participated in the 1996 U.S. Amateur at Pumpkin Ridge with Tiger Woods, who went on to win the competition three years in a row. At the time, Perez shot a 68 in stroke play but received no compensation. This year, he finished with an 80 and took home a cool $900,000.

Perez sang along to Queen’s “We Are the Champions” as he enjoyed his payday. He placed 34th out of 48 as an individual last week.

Other LIV players were also enjoying the drive to work. On board were newlyweds Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims, as well as Dustin Johnson, who was spotted meandering through the party-ready cabin.

Open bar and snacks aboard LIV Golf’s private plane.

The video’s original uploader, Michael Farley, stated on his TikTok profile that the plane was for caddies and players.

Most professionals give their loopers at least 10% of the prize money from the tournament, or a specific amount if the player doesn’t make the cut. LIV caddies make more money than the majority of professional golfers, with minimum earnings for each LIV event being north of $100,000, no cuts, and travel expenses paid.

Three LIV golfers earned more money at the LIV event in the Portland area than the winner of this week’s Genesis Scottish Open, and all 48 participants in the LIV field earned more than the prize money for the guy who placed 19th.

Goodbye, economy class!

Original article posted on Golf.com

Photo’s posted by: MICHAEL FARLEY

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