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Pro blasts out LIV golfers’ flimsy explanations for quitting the PGA Tour as “complete bulls—”


Mark Hubbard is a professional golfer who is 33 years old. Since 2014, he has played on both the Korn Ferry Tour and the PGA Tour. Even though he hasn’t won on the PGA Tour yet, he’s been in the top 10 five times, and twice this season.

Since he plays every week, he has a fresh take on how the game is going right now, especially when it comes to what LIV Golf has meant for the pros who aren’t yet household names.

Hubbard told Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz on this week’s episode of Subpar why he thinks LIV is bad for golf in the long run.

“It’s tough. I can’t blame anybody for going somewhere for $125 million,” he said. “But I don’t think it’s the best thing for golf. And honestly I would say my opinion has changed, because there’s lots of stuff that I was annoyed with the PGA Tour. You know I was in this position in my mindset before I really thought about it like, oh, competition’s good, and stuff like that. But it’s not really a competition. Because we can’t compete with some foreign dictator who has billions and billions and billions of dollars. We can’t compete. If anything, it’s just diluting stuff.”

Hubbard also disagreed with the idea that the unusual format of LIV Golf is a way for the game to grow.

“This facade of, oh, we’re growing the game, and we’re doing all this stuff. Even the interviews from the players is complete bulls— in my opinion,” Hubbard said. “‘Oh, we want to spend more time.’ Well, if that’s the case, then why are you still trying to play the PGA Tour? Because you’re going to play 14, 15 events with them, then you want to play another 10? Now you’re playing the same exact amount. Just say you went over there for the money.”

“And all this stuff about growing the game. The PGA Tour does a lot of things poorly, they do a great job of growing the game,” he went on. “We have three international tours, developmental tours with Canada, China and Latin America. Every community we go into, we crush it with charity. We do more for charity than the other three or four major sports combined.”

Hubbard said that the PGA Tour’s efforts to grow golf have impressed him much more than what he’s seen up to this point with LIV.

Hubbard said, “I’ve seen probably a thousand kids out here from the First Tee and all these different programs, t here’s no way that tour — 50 super-rich guys playing a 54-hole event — is growing the game. They’re people who have already made their money, they’re at the end of their career. That’s not growing the game. The Tour already does a good job.”

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