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‘I could hear you man’: Pro lets chip-eating fan have it after a missed putt


When a golfer is in their backswing, the list of things not to do is long, if not yet compendious.

It is expected that you will not speak, yell, swear, move quickly, sneeze, cough, take photos, or otherwise disturb the peace when a golfer approaches the ball. You will be ridiculed mercilessly if you do these things. If you do them frequently enough, you may well be asked to leave.

The list of backswing no-nos grew one offense longer on Saturday at the Wells Fargo Championship… Those of us who eat loudly should pay attention.

It all started on TPC Potomac’s 14th green, a drivable par-4 that has been one of the smoothest on the course all week at the Wells Fargo Championship. It was a rainy Saturday in the District of Columbia, with blustery winds and cold temperatures making for difficult moving day circumstances for the pros.

James Hahn, a 40-year-old two-time Tour winner, stood on the 14th green with a 20-foot birdie putt that would have put him at even par for the day and within two strokes of 54-hole leader Keegan Bradley’s score.

Hahn looked at his putt for a long time before swinging his putter back and striking his ball. He stood there watching as the ball rolled up to the hole and skittered past, landing three feet from the flagstick.

But, just as he was about to approach his par putt, Hahn paused and peered into the crowd, where he had some choice words for a fan.

“I could hear you eating those chips man, for like two minutes,” he added, his face flushed with anger.

The CBS team laughed during the broadcast.

As he tossed to break, Nick Faldo muttered, “Too much crunch, man.”

The whole footage of the interaction may be found below.

Thankfully, the chomping came to a halt long enough for Hahn to sink his par putt.

On Saturday, he shot a two-over 72 and was tied for fourth going into Sunday’s final round. What about the fan? Hopefully, he’ll be enjoying the rest of his meals at TPC Potomac from a safe distance… or chewing with his mouth shut.

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