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Putting Stroke Stability Drill | “The Right Hand Man”

Putting Stroke Stability Drill

Our resident pro is back with another great drill to help you improve your game. This episode features a new tip for high handicap golfers to gain better control over their putts. Olson tells us that too much motion in your dominant hand and wrist make for a less accurate strokes.

In his example, Olson explains that such a technique has a few things combine to throw off the putt. First, golfers will get into their set up and have their dominant wrist use too much flex and their palm faces up. This adds too much power. Second, the wrist position is aimed at the ceiling which will give loft in your putts. Not good! Lastly, as it increases loft, the rise of the putter begins to go into the air.

Not to worry, we have the remedy you need. then Olson recalls this tip he learned from Paula Creamer on the LPGA Tour.

For this drill, you’ll get started with your putter and a few golf balls. This exercise can be done on carpet in your living room. Take your dominant hand and place it on the club to wedge it between the bottom part of the forearm and the putter grip. From here, you will make strokes where you neither increase or decrease the pressure on your arm. Roll a couple out and see how it feels.

Now, you can add in your left hand to support the weight of the putter without added pressure. This will help with contact and speed control. Keep practicing and you’ll improve your stability in no time!

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