Rickie Goes Undercover to Caddie for Some Unsuspecting Golfers

Caddies are pretty trustworthy, for the most part.
Getting one to help navigate your way around a difficult track could shave a handful of strokes off your round. They know the course like the back of their hand, so it’s not difficult to trust everything they say.
But there are certain times when you still have to trust your gut.
Rickie Fowler, a five-time PGA Tour winner and one of the most recognizable faces in the game, went undercover and threw on his caddie bib to go help (and shock!) some unsuspecting weekend warriors as part of a Farmers Insurance campaign.

It’s no surprise why veteran caddie Richard Flower is a local legend. He’s got a handful of helpful tips, including the frequently-used foot wedge, that give his player the upper hand.
But while Fowler is one of the world’s best players, it should be noted he has to be in the running for the world’s worst secret keeper. It’s tough to keep your secret identity a secret when you rip a laser down the middle of the fairway.
Two lessons learned here, though. One, as stated above, is there are certain situations when you need to trust your gut more than your ‘caddie.’ The other? Identity theft is not a joke.

By: Carson Williams
This article originally appeared on GolfChannel.com.

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