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Summitpointe Course Review


This golf club has been open since 1978, and a lot has changed… Stories of a rocky course with little grass and a trailer for a clubhouse were facts until once upon a time enough money was collected and bought by American Golf and transformed from Tularcitos Golf and Country Club to Summitpointe Golf Club. A Golf course that is by my standards is very fairly priced and draws crowds of eager golfers often times causing issues with the pace of play. Only on certain days can you get through this course in four hours.


Green Fees:
18 Holes w/ Cart: Monday – Friday:$45 ; Saturday – Sunday: $55
18 Holes Walking: Monday – Friday: $35 ; Saturday – Sunday: $45
Summitpointe Golf Club is temporarily open as a 9-Hole facility while they undergo their irrigation project. (Holes 10-18 will be available for play until June. 18-Hole play will be two rounds playing Holes 10-18. After the first week in June, Holes 1-9 will be available for play. 18-Hole play will be two rounds playing Holes 1-9. All holes expected to be open by July 4th weekend.)
All fees are for 18 holes with 1/2 cart included unless otherwise noted.
***Green Fees/Times change often***

Do not let the lack of distance lull you to sleep, because this course only stretches only 6300 yards from the back tees, which averages only 350 yards a hole. However, for what it misses in distance, it makes up in elevation and fast/hard greens. I go to this course with a mind-set of practicing those hard hill shots having the ball above or below my feet. This course gives me the best opportunity to work on this part of my game. Hills are everywhere on this course. Being tucked in the hills of Milpitas, making every shot hard to get to the green. However, the front and back nine holes play very differently from each other. The front nine challenges you with hills with high and low elevations, making you add or drop 2 clubs for the correct distance. The back nine has narrow fairways with more water and a creek running along every hole.

Being able to hit it far does have its benefits though. Launching the ball 270+ yards does make this course easier because of the club choice used into the green for your approach shot. However, this is not how most people play this course. When I  first played this course I forced myself to hit its hard greens and play its extreme elevations. Seeing the potential this course has for a strong practice course, allows me to practice every aspect of my game, especially their fast greens – that I love. The greens are really hard at this course. I can still create a ball mark from my approach shot, but putting on them is where the problem or a challenge is. On some holes, with the correct pin placement, if you hit a wrong shot and end up on the wrong side of the green, a slight tap of the putter could send your ball off the green. These greens are that fast. I love them though. It really challenges me as a putter to work on my touch and feel. Picture putting on concrete and trying to get it to stop on a rubber band. They are that fast.

Don’t come out here expecting to light it up and go low because while it is a short course, it is a challenging course that doesn’t go easy on you especially if your ball goes in the wrong direction. Even with the right ball placement, this course still creates problems that almost makes you want to put your clubs away halfway through hole 4 and 8. My favorite holes are 4, 8, 15, and 16. These are very challenging holes that really make you think twice when choosing your club. Hole 4 is a lopsided hole slanting down to the number 5 hole. Hole 8 is an uphill 400-yard dogleg left. Hole 15 is a 500-yard dogleg left with the potential of getting to the green in 2. Finally, hole 15 is a 200-yard par 3, with a narrow window to hit through and wind against you in the afternoon. Those four holes are my favorite and for good reason. This course is not easy but is gettable if the player executes their game plan properly. Someone can easily go out and post a mid 70’s round if they use sound course management and limit their mistakes.
Overall Course Review
Difficulty: 7.5/10
Scenic View: 8.0/10
Course Design: 7.2/10
Worth the Price: 6.5/10
Greens: 7.2/10

By Michael Fields
This article originally appeared on SwingerGolfer.Wordpress.org.

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