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The 10 most embarrassing ways that golfers can lose their composure while on the course

Golf is a brutal sport that exposes swing weaknesses and pushes the boundaries of our composure. A timely reminder occurred on Sunday at the U.S. Open when Grayson Murray broke an iron over his knee after throwing his putter over the green in anger after shooting a triple-bogey.

Ungentlemanly behavior? Sure. But much worse has been witnessed. Here is a list of the 10 most humiliating ways to express your annoyance on the course since childlike behavior will undoubtedly occur.

  1. Cursing

If you use it while just conversing with someone, one f-bomb is okay. However, you only come across as a monster when you curse in a long, loud blue streak.

  1. Slamming the club into your bag

We’ll overlook this juvenile behavior for now. However, if you do it once more, you will be given a time out.

  1. Scratching and kicking the bunker sand

You learnt everything you know about golf in kindergarten. Another self-help book should be read now.

  1. Kicking the cart

We feel your pain. Even worse, you likely do as well.

  1. Snapping a club

You’ve chosen to add to your pain by ruining your own property, as if making a lousy shot weren’t already a harsh enough punishment. You must be someone who has more wealth than common sense.

  1. Making your caddy responsible for your shot

Not a terrible read at all. A serious stroke occurred. Placing blame on your looper says nothing positive about them and everything negative about you.

  1. Ending a round early

This is just so absurd. We’ll begin the papers to enroll you in the First Tee after we’ve stopped laughing.

  1. Throwing your club

Depending on how and where you fire your projectile, this violation might range in severity. If you have put others in risk, you should be taken away in handcuffs or at the very least removed from the premises. Your outrage is eased if you threw it harmlessly into a lake because you are simultaneously amusing and pitiful.

  1. Spitting into the cup

This was done by Sergio Garcia fifteen years ago, and people still remember it. Not much more to say .

  1. Slamming the green with your putter

The foul waters of the river Styx are where tortured souls spend all of eternity in one of the lower levels of Dante’s inferno. You shouldn’t be here; it’s too nice.

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