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The 7 most frequent first-tee excuses, scored from lame to lamest


Oh, the excuses.

Every golfer’s got them.

The question of whether to exploit them is another.

First tees weren’t intended for somber gatherings. Nobody is interested in your pre-round justifications for the disasters that lie ahead.

All excuses are weak, but some are weaker than others, according to common course etiquette.

Here are seven of the most prevalent and their respective rankings on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the least forgivable), according to how sad they are.

  1. I Haven’t Played Recently

You’re lucky. There is less time to practice all those bad behaviors. For at least a few holes, you should play well until the same old issues start to reappear.

Lameness Score: 5

  1. I Wasn’t Given the Chance to Warm Up

This is your passive-aggressive plea for a mulligan, as we all know. The same amount of times we accept this justification, we’ll grant you one.

Lameness Score: 3

  1. I’m Hungover

We are now outraged, actually. Why didn’t you invite us?

Lameness Score: 4

  1. I’m Using Rental Clubs

Okay, good. We’ll provide you with a few adjustment holes. The archer can only keep blaming the arrows for so long, however.

Lameness Score: 2

  1. This is a course I have never played before

Then let’s introduce ourselves. There are flags on each of the 18 holes on this one. Aim for them.

Lameness Score: 5

  1. I Have a Bad (Insert Ailing Body Part Here)

And our hearts are frigid. Take four Advil, then call up someone who cares.

Lameness Score: 1

  1. I Rushed Here Straight from the Office

Good. Perhaps you’ll play swiftly as well.

Lameness Score: 4

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