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The “Driver-Drawzone” | Gain 20 Yards & Shape the Ball from Left to Right Every Time…


Here’s something we could all use a little help with – gaining yards off the tee. Aaron Olson is a Golf Digest Top 100 Instructor so he knows a thing or two about maximizing distance and control. Today, Aaron is going to show us some pointers in the Tour Striker Studio.

A common question he gets asked is “How do I stop slicing my driver?”

Here’s what he tells his students…

When setting up the 7-iron, for example, you will stand a certain distance away based on the length of your specific club. You will also want to include a relative hand height and shaft angle when determining your pre-shot positioning. Luckily, this particular shot has a built-in delivery zone which allows you to draw the ball easily. However, this is not so simple when using a driver.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll need re-invent the wheel here. Many of the same basic concepts apply.

You will still want to set your stance based on the length of the club. This time, the shaft angle is much lower which will change the location of your delivery zone. The problem many golfers get themselves into is bringing the driver into the same down swing as their 7-iron which changes the angle of the downswing. It can be tricky to know exactly how to correct it.

Check out the video below for recognizing your ideal delivery zone to maximize control over your drives!

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