The Most Common Funny Golf Stereotypes

One way or another you’ve either played with one or you are one. These types of golfers are always out there but most of the time they are what makes the game fun. Here are some typical golf stereotypes all people are aware of.

Dude Perfect did a fantastic job portraying some hilarious golf stereotypes. Some of which are included in this video and some are not.

The Ball explorer

That one golfer who will do anything to get their ball back or rack up a collection of lost balls.

The lie improver

The golfer that looks around nervously and places his ball onto a better lie.

The golfer with too long of a warm up

The longer the practice routine, the better the shot. Well not always, but that’s the idea.

The golfer with a mood swing

After slicing the ball and hitting a house, “I hate golf, it’s the worst game ever made” and then five minutes later after a hole-in-one, “I love golf, I’m such a pro”.

The golfer who talks during the back swing

That one golfer who has to know what you got on the last hole or heard something funny and can’t resist telling you even during your back swing.

The shadow golfer

That one golfer who doesn’t realize their shadow is blocking the sight of the path to the hole.

The adventurer

Whether the ball is in the water or stuck in a tree, this golfer will do anything to play where their ball lies.

The golfer who becomes a pro NASCAR driver

That one golfer who takes the wheel of the golf cart and all of a sudden turns into Jeff Gordon.

The over celebrator

After one good shot the thought of being Tiger Woods at the 1997 Master’s tournament pops in to their head. Not a chance.

The Swing Advisor

The golfer who can’t stop correcting the other golfer’s swings.

The “Pro”

This person may look like a professional golfer but the shanked hit off the first tee tells otherwise.

The as seen on TV golfer

That one person who puts a lot of money into all the gimmicks, tricks, and tools to improve their game.

The overly superstitious golfer

That one golfer who sticks to the same routine and wears the same clothes after hitting a good shot in hopes for another.

The ball whisperer

“Sit! Stay! Bite”! We’ve all seen and heard that one golfer who thinks they are the ball whisperer.

The trick shot master

From the Happy Gilmore shot to flopping the ball back to yourself to hit. This golfer has to hit all shots in a cool way or it doesn’t count.

All jokes aside, We encourage everyone no matter the stereotypes to pick up a club and play golf. Make sure to head out to one of our courses and have a great time.

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