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The nine worst etiquette violations, ranked!


While it’s not illegal to disregard social norms, doing so might bring about shame and condemnation. How severe of a reprimand do you think you need? How serious your trespass will be is conditional on the circumstances. The following is an order of severity for nine separate infractions.

  1. Playing out of turn

This is so innocuous that it ought to be actively promoted in the sake of game speed. If you accidentally ruin a birdie attempt from the tee, you should punish yourself by making a bogey and dropping a hole.

  1. Dress code violations

The shorts must not have any pockets or baggage. No jeans made of denim. Putting a hat on backwards is not allowed. There are a million and one regulations in this game that pertain to how players should dress, and many of them originate from traditions that are so outmoded and absurd that it would be futile to attempt to rationalize them. You shouldn’t intentionally disobey them, however. To speak in such a way is to act like a brat. But if you make a mistake by accident, it’s not a huge problem. Getting told to tuck in your shirt or buying a belt shouldn’t be as severe of a penalty as it can seem.

  1. Walking in someone’s line

In terms of actual impact, this is little. You probably aren’t affecting the roll’s accuracy. Indeed, this is still unbecoming behavior. This demonstrates that you are either a dangerous loose cannon who is capable of doing much worse than this, or that you are so wrapped up in your own world that you are not pleasant to be around.

  1. Offering golfing advice when nobody asked

Do you realize how much it means to you when your partner gives you honest feedback? Exactly. Shanks to you, Mr. Appointed Expert.

  1. Not fixing pitch marks or replacing divots

You should leave the course immediately if you are unable to return it to the same or better state in which you found it.

  1. Hitting into someone accidentally

Like in golf, the first rule of medicine is “do no harm.” Perhaps, but hopefully not. You’re getting 50 whacks with a swing noodle.

  1. Not raking bunkers

It’s a little chore, but if you choose to ignore it, you’ll injure your team and look bad. Learn to appreciate the beauty of a well raked bunker.

  1. Using clubs to crush anything than golf balls

Irritating and maybe harmful. If you try to par a par 3, you will shoot your age the next time.

  1. Hitting into someone intentionally

Since we have moved on from etiquette infractions to violence, this is no longer within our purview.

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