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This Has To Be The Most Dangerous Job in Golf

Has to be the Most Dangerous Job in Golf

A major league baseball stadium turned into a driving range sounds like a fun idea.

But perhaps it isn’t if you’re a range worker having golf balls sent at you left and right from the stands. 

Of course, the workers here picking the range are protected. But judging from this video it appears that some of them don’t wear any protective head gear and simply do not care about stray balls flying towards their domes. 

That being said, even if you do spot a worker without protective equipment why would you still pelt balls towards them?

This video on Instagram from @mikefas4, shows range clearers getting to work at the Stadium Links in Canada at the Angels Stadium. 

It certainly is a unique experience for golf fans should they so choose to hits some range balls over there.

The video also shows one man without a helmet collecting balls on the edge of the range/pitch. 

A ball goes pretty close to him. I mean, if you are the person who deliberately did that, what are you doing?! 

Comments on the video included:

“You’re a flog if you hit balls at people doing their job”

“At least get them a cart, it only takes one missile to the chest”

“The safest place is right next to the target”

This article originally appeared on Golf Magic.

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