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Tiger Woods’ Strongest Rival Isn’t Phil Mickelson, According to Steve Williams


Tiger Woods’ longtime caddie, Steve Williams, has mentioned an unusual name as the 46-year-old’s greatest on-course competition.

Between 1999 and 2011, the New Zealander caddied for Woods throughout his most successful stretch, when the American won 13 of his 15 Majors. Despite the fact that another American, Phil Mickelson, was winning the most of his Majors at the same time, Williams said Woods didn’t consider Lefty to be his main competitor.

Williams mentioned on the Chasing Majors broadcast that Fijian Vijay Singh is deserving of this title. He said: “You know, Vijay and of course, you know, as strong as the relationship – oh sorry! – the rivalry between Tiger and Phil. Tiger and Vijay was even greater probably, I mean, the two guys just hated to lose to each other.”

Woods’ desire to beat Singh was on display in the 2006 Deutsche Bank Championship, where he shot an eight-under-par 63 in the final round. Singh only managed a 68 in the final round, allowing Woods to win by two strokes. Williams was especially impressed by Woods’ start in that round. He said: “Tiger was desperate on Sunday. You know, just somehow get in the mix. And then he goes out in 29 I mean, it’s just another story that’s just mind-boggling.”

Between 1998 and 2004, Singh won three Majors, the last of which was his most remarkable. He won eight times in 2004, including the PGA Championship. In 2004 and 2005, he was also World No. 1 for 32 weeks.

Singh has failed to reclaim that form in recent years, and in his most recent competition, The Masters, we all saw him miss the cut. Meanwhile, Woods made his long-awaited comeback from injury at Augusta National, finishing 47th and rocketing up the world rankings in the process.

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