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Tiger’s Famous Putter May Be Worth $1 Million

Tiger's Famous Putter May Be Worth $1 Million

When Golden Age Golf Auctions put up a famous putter used by Tiger Woods, golf fans knew it would go for a pretty penny. Woods’ Scotty Cameron backup putter went to the highest bidder for over $390,000. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, now someone else is hoping to unload another classic Tiger club for twice the price of his iconic putter.

Recent Tiger putters sold at auction have ties that can be traced back to the famed Newport 2 GSS he used to win 14 of his 15 major titles. The putter currently available on Collectable, however, is connected to an iconic Anser-style model that started the Scotty Cameron craze in 1997, when Woods set countless Masters records en route to a historic 12-shot win.

The Newport TeI3 Teryllium he wielded that year at Augusta remains the only other putter Woods used to win a major title. As Woods confirmed in 2016, it’s one of two putters that have a prominent place in his putting studio.

What few gearheads probably realize is that Woods employed more than one TeI3 putter during the late ’90s. According to Collectable, the putter on their site is photo-matched to the 1998 U.S. Open at Olympic Club and BellSouth Classic, making it a Tiger-used putter. Woods would also go on to win the BellSouth with the putter for his 7th Tour title.

You read that right: Not only was the putter used in a major, but during one of Woods’ 82 Tour wins as well — thereby making it one of the most historically significant putters to ever hit the market. According to Golden Age Golf Auctions founder Ryan Carey, the putter has a chance to be the first million-dollar golf piece.

“The golf collecting industry is scorching hot,” said Carey. “We are seeing a massive uptick in demand — and that is long overdue.”

Woods once gave his Tel3 away during a match with one of his famous pals. Andre Reed, who played as a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, also lived in the same neighborhood as Tiger so they were golf buddies.

It’s obvious that this club has been well used. Sure, it’s a little beat up and worn, but that just adds to the putter’s character. The head features Woods initials stamped on the toe and a well-worn cord grip, along with a letter from Reed — the putter was first auctioned off in 2017 — and Scotty Cameron certificate of authenticity that verifies it was made for the 15-time major winner.

Nearly all of Tiger’s putters have gone for more than the price of the average golfer’s home. However, now these same golfers will get a fair shake at a piece of golf history. Instead of simply auctioning the putter to the highest bidder, users can buy shares of the putter — it was trading at $31 when this story was published — on the Collectable platform. Fractional ownership doesn’t give you chance to spend a week with the putter simply because you own 10 shares, but it’s probably the closest any of us will ever get to owning anything Tiger Woods has in his bag.

This article originally appeared on Golf.com.

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