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Unruly Fan Gets Tackled After Running onto Course During U.S. Open


Hey sports fans, golf just got more exciting with a spectacular tackle worthy of a replay.
The U.S. Open almost concluded without any fan craziness, but one guy just couldn’t help himself during the final round at Torrey Pines.
The fan managed to make his way onto the fairway on 13 donning no more than a cape and shorts, prior to a shot from Bryson DeChambeau. Equipped with a club and some balls, the man continued to make his way down the fairway, only stopping to take a few pretend shots to the amusement of the spectators witnessing his antics. Former tour pro and 2002 PGA Championship winner Rich Beem documented the action:

We’ve got another view here:

For a moment, it looks as though the man may be ready to turn himself in when he made a quick run for it only to be tackled a short time later by an officer on a cart who managed to tackle him to the ground. Perhaps Bryson got a little distracted by the prank as he ended up with a double bogey on 13 which eliminating his chance at winning the tournament. No word yet on the identity of the intruder or the consequences he will face.
While we all get a little laugh from this ridiculous display, do not ever run out onto the course to disrupt play. Golf Etiquette 101.

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