Bizarre Mishaps, Feuds & a Comeback

Weekly Breakdown: Bizarre Mishaps, Random Feuds & a Major Comeback

Some big things happened over the last week or two in golf. Tiger kept everybody’s head spinning with the social media posts, sit down interviews, and appearances at the Hero World Challenge. Speaking of which, the big event had its own share of crazy happenings which left no shortage of entertainment for those watching. Then, we have random celebrity beef that everyone is just finding out about. When did Phil start hating Paige?

On top of all that, you’re probably headed out for last minute holiday shopping, office parties, and gift exchanges. It’s enough to make your head spin. So, take a few extra minutes this morning to appreciate the weekend morning in bed.

You can catch up on everything that you missed below…

Best Golf Stocking Stuffers in History

The Best (or Worst) Golf Stocking Stuffers

One of the last things we check off our holiday shopping lists is all the stocking stuffers to give Christmas that extra touch of special. We’ve hunted down some of the most popular stocking stuffers for your favorite golfer this year. Need something for that office party? These ideas are quick and sure to be a hit at any gift exchange. Best of all, there’s still time to get them before the big day arrives! See what you missed here…

Spieth & Stenson's Bizarre Penalty

Spieth & Stenson’s Bizarre Mishap

The stress of competition can be enough to get to anybody. There’s so much pressure from not only the other golfers, but yourself as well. It goes double for the pros as there is usually big prize money and sponsorships on the line. We must admit that this one from Jordan Spieth and Henrik Stenson at the Hero World Challenge was truly mindboggling.  Even Spieth said this mistake was the first time he’s ever found himself in such a situation. Watch the video here…

Leader has Meltdown at Hero World Challenge

Hero World Challenge Leader’s Meltdown

Speaking of the Hero World Challenge, he is another bit of drama from the event at the top of the leaderboard. At the beginning of the final round on Sunday, the winner of the tournament was all but certain as long as the current leader could maintain his cushion over his challengers. But, as we mentioned, sometimes the stress of competition can be too much, and a small stumble can turn into disastrous fall. You’ve got to see how he watched as victory slipped from his fingers…

What's Mickelson Got Against Paige?

What’s Phil’s Beef With Paige?

Chalk this one up to random celebrity feuds. When they make specific moves to block each other on social media, it usually means that something went down. There is no one incident or interaction that we could pin down which would indicate Phil Mickelson may be holding a grudge against Paige Spiranac. Regardless, it seems that Lefty has silently blocked the influencer and everybody, including Paige, found out about it in the weirdest of ways. You won’t want to miss this story…

Tiger Breaks His Silence

Tiger Breaks His Silence Regarding Comeback

It seems like we’ve been on a rollercoaster ride of emotions ever since Tiger Woods posted that video of his swing 9 months after his major crash. Of course, one little morsel of a video is enough to send the golf world into a frenzy. Speculation ran at an all time high after report after report saying the GOAT was nowhere near ready to get back into the sport as he was still recovering. Then, he did this incredible sit-down interview where he spends a good half hour unpacking his absence and eventual return.  Check it out here…

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