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Woman’s Runs Over Officer’s Foot in Wild Golf Cart Ride

Woman Runs Over Officers Foot

A woman allegedly drove over a police officer’s foot while driving a golf cart through an art festival in downtown Naples Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

Around 6:45 p.m., the woman drove a golf cart through police barricades used to block off the area of 8th Street S at Cambier Park that was closed due to an ongoing art festival, according to the Naples Police Department.

The woman identified as Kelly Haney, 44, of Indiana drove through the barricades onto 5th Avenue in Naples when a lieutenant with the Naples police yelled for her to stop, an arrest report shows.

Haney stopped and talked to the lieutenant before she allegedly tried to pull forward running over the officer’s foot.

Authorities stopped the golf cart and questioned Haney who admitted to driving through the barricades because it was “the only way to get to the parking garage.” She also admitted to having two glasses of champagne, police said.

After failing field sobriety exercises, the 44-year-old was arrested and taken to the Naples Jail Center.

She is facing a DUI charge.

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