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Your Weekly Wrap Up: What Happened This Week in Golf – February 5, 2022

This Week in Golf - Feb 5, 2022

It seems like the last two weeks have been chalk full of excitement in the golf world. Two pros who have never won a PGA Tour title battled it out for the win at Torrey Pines. Speaking of Torrey, there’s a hazard that has the course rethinking it’s setup. Then, there’s a ton of drama connected to Greg Norman’s Super Golf League Adventures. Here is what happened this week in golf…

Luke List Made These Major Changes & Won the Farmers

Luke List Made Major Changes to His Putting & Won

When you’re up against some of the best golfers in the world at one of the most famous courses in the world, you have to come with a bold strategy. This is especially true if you have never won a Tour event. Well Luke List knew he would have his work cut out for him at last week’s Farmers Insurance open. His preparations leading up to the big day involved him completely rethinking everything he was doing. It’s a risky bet, but one that apparently paid off or him.


The Obscure Bunker Rule That Came Front & Center at Farmers

Obscure Bunker Rule Font & Center

It wasn’t just List’s new strategy that was front and center last weekend. Golf fans were treated with a rare sight during the playoff between Luke List and Will Zalatoris. Both golfers were fighting their way to the win both seemed to hit the exact same shot and landing in the bunker mere inches apart. The incident caused officials to take a second look at an obscure rule to make their call. You have to see how this one played out. This is one you likely won’t be seeing again any time soon.


FORE! Shattered Windshields at Torrey Have Employees Ducking for Cover

Shattered Windshields at Torrey

There’s a big problem at many courses today, especially the more famous ones. It seems that the big drivers like Bryson DeChambeau and Kyle Berkshire are inspiring others to take their eye-popping distances for a test run on the driving range. One major problem is their sending their bombs well out of the confines of the practice range, putting people in danger. Course employees explain how they are left dodging shots and looking for cover.


Why the Saudi Golf Offers are So Enticing According to Pat Perez

Why the Saudi Golf Offers are So Enticing

A lot of talk surrounding the new Super Golf League revolves around the insane money offers the biggest names in the industry have been receiving. Regardless of some of the negativity, the Saudi-backed venture is likely to succeed. Forget about how much money these players make off the course. In other professional sports like the NBA and NFL, athletes are paid to show up and participate in games. Their travel expenses are completely paid for and teams even have their own private transportation. The golf world is a little different…


Sure The Super Golf League Has Money, But There’s Just One Problem

Sure The Super Golf League Has Money

Never mind the fanfare and commotion surrounding this new-fangled tour, league, or circuit, whatever it is or will be. What are the players’ thoughts on the team idea that will apparently be part of the weekly mix when the Saudis come to play—if they ever do? Is that anything that the players would be interested in? Is it anything that they believe has the potential to be entertaining?


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