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Your Weekly Wrap Up: What Happened This Week in Golf – January 1, 2022

This Week in Golf - January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! We have made it through the insanity that was 2021. Heading into the next 12 months, we are cautiously optimistic and just hope that we can keep whatever sense of normalcy we’ve managed to achieve. Here are the moments that we can’t help but look back and and see the bright side of things.

A Christmas Story – Golf Edition

Taylormade's 'Christmas Story' Spoof

In this hilarious and ridiculous spoof, some of your favorite names in the Tour show off their acting chops (or lack thereof). The scene featuring Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and more is a new take on the famous triple dog dare fiasco. You’ve got to see this festive production from Taylormade.


The Best Golf Fails and Bloopers of 2021                

Golf Fails & Golfing Bloopers 2021

Who doesn’t love a good golf fail? Not only do they provide endless hours of entertainment but make us feel a little better about ourselves. There are very few people who are actually good at golf, so we laugh along to maintain our sanity. These will make you laugh so hard your sides hurt.


Luckiest Golf Shots of 2021

The Luckiest Golf Shots of 2021

While last year will definitely go down as one of the craziest in recent memory, it wasn’t all bad. Golf started to look a little closer to normal (whatever that is). We’ve had to navigate these new waters and just hope we don’t lose our minds in the process. Here are the moments where perhaps the golf gods were feeling a little sympathetic and saved the day.


Phil Claims Prize and Thanks the ‘Crazies’

Phil Claims Prize & Thanks the 'Crazies'

Speaking of crazy… if you’ve been paying attention to social media over the last year, you may have caught a few posts from Phil Mickelson. Let’s be honest, he has been on a good one lately. More than a few times, Lefty has taken to Twitter to air some grievances while sitting back and watching the response pour in. It’s just more fuel for his fire though. We love Phil.


Surreal Video of a Stampede on the Golf Course

Stampeding Elk Take Over Golf Course

One of our favorite things about golf is how close you can get to nature and witness some of the amazing wildlife. Depending on where you play, there are a variety of creatures you may encounter. Some are scarier than others. For example, a stampede of elk. Majestic, yet also slightly terrifying at the same time.


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