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Your Weekly Wrap Up: What Happened This Week in Golf – January 15, 2022

This Week in Golf - Jan 15, 2022

We are only a couple weeks into the new year and it already feels like 2022 is going to give last year a run for it’s money. This week we saw some nutty behavior from criminals who played stupid games and got stupid prizes. Then, we found out that golf is finally getting it’s chance in the streaming spotlight. Plus, Mickelson continues to surprise us when he pulls off a bold move.

Here’s what happened this week in golf…

Woman Runs Over Officer’s Foot in Wild Golf Cart Ride

Woman Runs Over Officers Foot

Our first story involving an arrest was more funny than dangerous. The best part is the news story where a witness describes the incident and it gave us quite the chuckle. We can chalk this one up to another person having way to much alcohol and access to a golf cart. You know once she sobered up enough to realize what happened, she wishes a hangover was the worst of here issues…


Mickelson Bombs his Way to a 675-Yard Hole in 2

Mickelson's Bombs it 675-Yards in 2

Mickelson has never been shy to take the more challenging shots. Sure, it hasn’t always worked out the way he hoped, but that’s the name of the game. So when he pulled out this surprising strategy, we were pleasantly surprised and impressed to see Phil pull it off. The 675-yard par 5 is nothing to sneeze at. It seems as though lefty may be taking a page out of Bryson DeChambeau’s book.


Biggest Names in Golf are Headed to Netflix

Biggest Names on Tour Headed for Netflix

Netflix announced its official announcement on Tuesday, confirming a star-studded cast that includes five of the top seven players in the world, major winners, Ryder Cuppers, some of the game’s most beloved personalities, and, well, you can see the full list below. A Netflix spokeswoman also confirmed that all four majors are on board, including the highly guarded Masters…


Wild Police Chase Ends with Arrests on Golf Course

Wild Police Chase Ends on Golf Course

We told you this week was a crazy one. This time there was a high speed car chase in the Orange County area in California. Two suspects attempted to evade capture in a chase that initially began on the freeway and made it’s way through city streets. Two men were caught on camera as they abandoned their vehicle. Watch the intense scene unfold with an officer finally confronting the two at gunpoint.


Golfer Wait 10 Minutes for Group Ahead Then This Happens

Golfer Waits 10 Minutes for Group

Golfers know that good etiquette on the course is important. Not only is it courteous, but it just makes everyone’s round that much more enjoyable. One of the more important rules to remember is letting the group ahead of you clear before a shot. We don’t want anyone getting hurt out there. However, sometimes doing the right thing doesn’t always pay off the way you hope it will…


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