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Your Weekly Wrap Up: What Happened This Week in Golf – January 8, 2022

This Week in Golf - Jan 8, 2022

The first week of the year is a time when everyone is setting their New Year resolutions and working on their goals. Perhaps you even got some new gear over the holidays you have been dying to put to use. We’re getting you ready for the golf season and can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us.

Drop This Club If You’re a High Handicapper

High-Handicapper? Drop This Club Now

When it comes to buying golf clubs, the options are endless. This is especially true if you don’t know much about the different models and specs. Or perhaps you’ve never been fitted so you have no idea what your setup should even look like. It’s not necessarily about the number of clubs you have in your bag, but rather about how effective they really are. We’ve got a tip to help you save a little money and build a smarter bag.


Enormous Crab Snaps Driver

Gigantic Crab Snaps Golfer's Driver

Animals and other creatures on the course seem to enjoy causing a bit of mischief for golfers. This week, we saw a giant robber crab make his way into a man’s golf bag and stake his claim. The man knew better than to get his fingers in the way of this one. Just look at what he did to the golf club!


Avoid Ruining Your Round

Avoid Ruining Your Round with These 5 Tips

Golf is already hard enough. What if your pre-round routine is sabotaging your game? We know you try to make it to the practice range to hit a few practice balls. Maybe head over to the putting green to dial it in. But we are talking about the things you do starting when you first get out of bed. Bet you didn’t know these seemingly small actions had such a big impact.


Golfer Faces Impossible Shot

Golfer Faces Impossible Shot

Every golfer knows what this feels like. Walking up to see you ended up with a lie even the pros would sweat over. Probably one of the worst feelings in golf. However, when we see one of our friends in this position, we can’t help but chuckle at some of the ridiculous ways they try to get themselves out of a pickle. Of course, you are cheering your buddy on, but you will definitely bust his chops with the video later.


13 Predictions for the Majors

13 Predictions for the 2022 Majors

There are no days off in the golf betting game. If you’ve been sweating your outrights, top 10s, and matchups for 40-plus weeks, then the past few weeks were an excellent time to take a breather. However, this downtime can be put to good use. Prospective golf gamblers keep an eye on the futures market, particularly on the majors, even when there is no golf to wager on. In 2022, you’ll have plenty of chances to get a fantastic deal on a person you’re interested in. That being the case, it’s probably preferable to place your wager right away. Here’s our 2022 bets…


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