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Your Weekly Wrap Up: What Happened This Week in Golf

What Happened This Week in Golf

There is so much to unpack this week in golf. Of course, the big story on everybody’s mind has been absolutely everything Tiger. In fact, Woods just made a huge announcement this week that nearly broke the internet, but more on that later. Mixed in with the constant chatter surrounding the comeback, we gotten some inside tips from another famous face that might be easier to follow than you think. Depending on how you look at it…

Just in case you were too busy taking care of all of those big holiday plans, we’ve picked the most popular stories we didn’t want you to miss out on.

Tiger Woods in for One of Golf’s Biggest Events

Tiger Woods in at PNC Championship

After a ton of speculation regarding Tiger Woods. It’s been a flurry of news, reactions, and surprise reveals for the last couple weeks. It’s enough to make your head spin. Late last week, Tiger made the big announcement that everyone has been waiting for. Not only will he be competing in one of golf’s biggest events of the year, but he will also be bringing along a special guest. Golf fans everywhere are sure to tune in to watch Woods back in action.

A long-time resort looper shares his top 5 tips for all golfers

5 Tips for All Golfers

Over the years, we’ve found that the absolute best golf advice comes from caddies. Not only are they a trusted voice for the pros, but they truly have seen it all. From crazy course conditions to technical calculations, these are the unsung heroes for any golfer. Plus, they have seen every different golfing style imaginable as many of them have worked with a variety of talents in their time. Here’s some more solid gold advice from someone who knows better than we do. Better take some notes on this one.

Gretzky Shares ‘Savant’ Way DJ Cleaned His Golf Ball at the Masters

Gretzky Shares ‘Savant’ Way DJ Cleaned Balls

Everyone always wants to know everything about how Tour winners tick. They want to know what equipment they use, their practice regimen, and even what foods they eat to maximize their performance. After winning the Masters, golf fans were wondering, how did Dustin Johnson do it? Well, we’ve gotten some insight from none other than Wayne Gretzky, whose daughter is engaged the famous golfer. We must admit, Johnson is pretty slick with this one.

Phil Mickelson Says This Golfer is Who You Should Try to Emulate

Phil Mickelson Says This is Who You Should Emulate

When you have a favorite golfer, it is tempting to try to do everything you can to replicate their style. It seems fairly straightforward that if you just do it exactly as they do, you’ll be qualifying for your first Tour event in no time. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. These golfers have taken years to master their craft and teach their body how to achieve such results. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take what little morsels we can, however. Phil Mickelson is someone countless golfers look up to so when he starts giving advice, we listen. You’ll want to see whose footsteps he says to follow.

This Ryder Cup Golfer Acts a Fool on Plane After Partying in First Class

Ryder Cup Golfer's Drunken Flight

We get it. It is crazy exciting to win a big match. You probably even had an ungodly amount of alcohol to celebrate. While most of the time it is all fun and games, sometimes these things can take a bad turn fast. That’s what happened with this European Tour pro. He’s accused of getting so hammered that he now has criminal charges stemming from an incident on a British Airways flight. We warn you, this one is a hot mess and we aren’t sure what this golfer’s excuse is. You won’t want to miss this wild story.

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