About US

In one sentence… We are Just a couple of guys who LOVE GOLF!

But seriously, we love everything about golf besides the fact that we struggle to break 80 religiously!
And YES, While we do hope to be better at this crazy and frustrating game, here is a little about who we are and why we chase that little white ball around!

Jeff & Jason, the owners of ClickitGolf, bought a 20+-year-old golf website brand with a few loyal followers, quite a few cobwebs, but most importantly with a knowledge that there was a void in the marketplace to create a digitally integrated, “one-stop shop” site for the everyday golfer. A site for public tee time playing, municipal course loving, no swing coach having, golf enthusiasts. Think of us as a site a website for REAL golfers – AKA The 99 % of us that cant break 90 and don’t belong to a Private Country Club. This a site for everyone that loves this game!

A few rules…

Let’s try not take ourselves too seriously; we’re not playing pro golf; we need help making that 2-foot putt under pressure to win our no stakes bet (which should be good by me all day every day); we don’t understand how the pros hit the ball 320 yards even though we lie to our friends and say we hit it 280 yards with no roll, into the wind. Kinda like my parents walked to school in the snow, up hill both ways back in the day… I’ve run the numbers on that story- sorry it just doesn’t check out! But I digress…

Bottom line:

We just want to have fun with this business and deliver a website with content that we ourselves would want to read and hope that you enjoy as much as we do when we can’t be playing on the links. Oh yeah, there is one more thing, from a selfish standpoint, the best part of owning a golf company is getting free golf balls, equipment, merchandise, and rubbing elbows with some of the game’s greatest to ever play via access to the annual PGA Show. It’s the Mecca of Golf – If you haven’t been – put it on your bucket list!

In just a few years, our site exploded with nearly  250,000 avid golfers getting our emails, following us on social and visiting us daily, well, at least weekly for the best and most honest golf news, hilarious bloopers, but most importantly – to simply to stay in touch with the sport we all love. No wonder Thursday is my favorite day – Huh – I just had a breakthrough…

Jeff Shavitz

Prior to entering the golf business, I have been a serial entrepreneur starting and selling 3 companies involved in the payment processing industry.   Plus, I enjoy writing and my 1st book,  Size Doesn’t Matter – Why Small Business is BIG Business” hit #1 on Amazon.    My selfish goal besides world peace and health is to play the top 100 golf courses in the USA.  

Jason Rhodehamel

I was and in my heart will always be a baseball player. I found this game when I could no longer hit a 90 mph fastball and knew I still wanted to compete. I carry a 6 handicap and have been in the golf industry ever since I went to college. I am a father to two wonderful kids, a writer, a serial entrepreneur, and most of all a golfer. You should see my trunk. If You know…You know! 10 Pairs of shoes, alignment sticks, swing aids, and most importantly – my sticks! I game the Titleist T-100s irons and love them!