2021 Buyer’s Guide: The Top 10 Value Golf Balls For Distance & Feel

Your golf ball plays a massive role in helping you shoot your lowest scores. 
If the ball is too firm, you won’t get enough spin and will have trouble shaping shots. If it’s too soft, you might get way too much spin on approach shots and suffer from some big misses off the tee.
Luckily, golf ball manufacturers are constantly innovating to help the average golfer. Here are the 10 best golf balls that will improve your distance & feel.

10 Best Golf Balls for 2021 


1. Titleist Pro V1 

When it comes to high quality golf balls, it’s hard to not mention the Titleist Pro V1 at the top of the list. Their slogan, “The number one ball in golf” holds true for so many golfers who have been playing them for decades.
While I would hardly call it a “value” compared to some on this list, they are well worth the money. These balls last forever and are geared for mid to low handicap golfers. They can help your game go from good to great without any swing changes.

Shop Titleist Pro V1 here.

2. Vice Golf Pro Plus

If you want to play a Pro V1 golf ball without the high price tag, you should try out the Pro Plus from Vice Golf. It mimics all the same characteristics of the Pro V1X at about half the price. Or, you can opt for the Vice Pro, which compares to the normal Pro V1.
These golf balls are for advanced golfers who want optimum performance without the exorbitant price. Plus, they offer the “KIL” (Keep in line) putting line for amazing alignment on the putting green. 

Currently sold out, but you can check back later here.

3. Callaway Chrome Soft X 

The latest from Callaway is great for golfers who want more distance and alignment. The ball is made for mid to high handicappers who want a great all-around ball. Not to mention, the triple track alignment makes lining up putts easier than ever. 

Shop Callaway Chrome Soft X here.

4. Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 

If you’re a mid to high handicapper who wants bite and check on the green like a PGA Tour pro, you’ll love this one from Srixon. Thanks to it’s “Spin Skin” you’ll get more spin with wedges around the greens. 

Shop Srixon Q-Star Tour here.

5. Titleist AVX 

While the Pro V1 gets most of the fame, the Titleist AVX is another great option. It’s known for its long distance, low flight, low spin, and very soft feel around the greens. 

Shop Titleist AVX here.

6. Bridgestone Tour X

The new Tour B X is a player’s golf ball that is preferred by guys like Bryson and Matt Kuchar. If you have a swing over 105mph with the driver, you will love this new golf ball from Bridgestone. 
Or, if you want to play the same ball as Tiger “The Goat” Woods, opt for the Tour B XS TW edition. Yes, it even includes the “TIGER” stamp on it too. 

Shop Bridgestone Tour X here.

7. Snell MTB Black and MTB-X 

Another newer brand in the golf ball industry is Snell. Like Vice Golf, they are a great alternative to high cost golf balls. The 3-piece design offers superior distance, tons of spin, and soft feel for all around great short game performance. Plus, they’re nearly $20 less per dozen than Titleist or TaylorMade.

Currently sold out, but you can check back later here.

8. TaylorMade TP5 

Want to play the same golf balls as Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy? Then grab the TP5 or the TP5X. Both are great all-around golf balls for high performance players. 
Both are 5-layer golf balls, while the X is more of a piercing, straight ball flight as it’s more firm. The standard TP5 is more of a mid-launch, soft feel, and tons of spins with wedges. 

Shop TaylorMade TP5 here.

9. Volvik Vivid

If you find yourself in the long grass or anywhere but the fairway and are tired of losing your ball, you will love the Volvik Vivid. Their neon colors are easy to find wherever you end up hitting it on the golf course. Plus, you know it’s long if Masters Champion Bubba Watson uses it. 

Shop Volvik Vivid here.

10. TaylorMade Tour Response 

Rounding out our list of value golf balls is the TaylorMade Tour Response. This is a high launch golf ball with the softest feel of the TaylorMade series. It’s also nearly $20 cheaper than the TP5 series as well, and offered in white or yellow. This is a great pick for the average golfer who wants high performance without high costs. 

Shop TaylorMade Tour Response here.
What’s your favorite golf ball? Do you switch every year as new versions come out?
Let me know in the comments! 
Written By Michael Leonard

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